Tricastin: The European Nuclear Power Risk Study 2021b (EUNUPRI-2021b)

Risk assessment of the Tricastin nuclear power plant (France)

The European Nuclear Power Risk study 2021 (EUNUPRI-2021b) is a scientific analysis of the risk of a major nuclear accident from an interdisciplinary perspective. It analyses the environmental risk for France and several countries around France. This is the fourth study of Institut Biosphère in the field.

Title: Modeling of a Hypothetical Major Nuclear Accident at Tricastin Nuclear Power Plant under 1 096 Meteorological Simulations and Analysis of its Health Impact. 2021.
Commissioned by Greenpeace (France)
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–   Appendix (additional results)
–   Résumé exécutif en français
–   Database (results and 1096 maps)
–   Base de données (résultats détaillés et 1096 cartes)