Risk assessment of a nuclear power plant that would be built in the Zarnowiec-Kopalino area (Poland)

The European Nuclear Power Risk study 2021 (EUNUPRI-2021a) is a scientific analysis of the risk of a major nuclear accident from an interdisciplinary perspective. It analyses the environmental risk for Poland and several countries around Poland. This is the third study of Institut Biosphère in the field.

Title: Modelling of a Hypothetical Major Nuclear Accident in Poland from 1096 Meteorological Situations and Analysis of Transboundary Environmental Impact for European Countries and Their Inhabitants. 2021.
–   Article
–   Appendix (method and additional results)
–   Maps (set of 34 maps on radioactive dispersion in Poland and neighboring countries)

See also:
–   EUNUPRI-2019, a transboundary analysis of the potential health impact from four Swiss NPPs (Goesgen, Leibstadt, Beznau and Mühleberg) as well as NPP Bugey in France.   Lien
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